Conquering An Addiction To Drugs

Drugs can completely destroy someone's life due to their effects and the money that must be spent to obtain them. The worst thing that many people experience from abusing drugs is tearing their families apart. If drug addiction is getting to the point of destroying your family, it is wise to get professional help as soon as you are able to. As long as you have a strong will to overcome your addiction, it is possible to get your life back on track and keep your family together. [Read More]

Aftercare For Your Emotions: How To Manage Your Feelings Without Alcohol Or Drugs

Every step you take within your recovery can lead you further along the path of maintaining your sobriety one day at a time. Decisions should be made carefully, but emotions can sometimes surface that tempt you to take impulsive actions. Be proactive to set yourself up for success by ensuring you know how to manage the wide array of feelings you may experience on a day-to-day basis that may sometimes threaten to derail the progress you've made. [Read More]

3 Tips For Beating Insomnia Naturally

Sleep is crucial to replenishing and developing your body and mind, but the statistics are staggering when it comes to adults who do not get the proper sleep that they require. Studies indicate that as many as 70 million adults have some sort of sleeping disorder. In order to battle insomnia, you owe it to yourself to look into some natural methods that will help you get over it. Follow these three tips below and use them in order to get past insomnia in order to receive the high-quality sleep that you need. [Read More]

Colon Cancer: Can Depression Hinder Your Recovery Before And After Treatment?

If your doctor plans to treat you for colon cancer in the upcoming weeks, and you suffer from depression, it's important that you speak to a counselor about your mental condition right away. Although it doesn't affect everyone, depression can create stress and anxiety in some people before and after cancer treatment. One of the things you might worry about is how your cancer treatment will affect your physical appearance after you complete it. [Read More]